The life of Jordan "Joe" Christensen Bassi [draft]

Joe was born on March 20th, 1978 to William Bradley Bassi and Judith Christensen in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the later years of Joe's life, he fancied himself a "rough 'n tough" urban hooligan. He loved things like comedy, music, TV, and movies that were uncouth, brash, and edgy. However, underneath all of that was a very sweet man. He loved his family and friends. He also had an affection for African American "Black" culture (primarily old-school West coast rap).

In Joe's early years, he was a very happy boy who loved sports, including football, hockey, baseball, and wrestling. Joe's parents had divorced when he was 6-7 years old. He primarily lived with his mother throughout most of his childhood.

During Joe's school years, he had aides who would help him with his school work and activities. His elementary school had created an event called the "Jordan Jamboree" which its purpose was to raise the remaining funds needed to purchase joe's